Why Partner with Us?

Since 1989, Bulk Storage Inc. has been providing cost-effective storage solutions to transportation departments and municipalities across the country, from Arkansas to Alaska.

More and more engineering firms, heads of public works, streets and sanitation managers and township road commissioners have come to trust us to install well-built, long-lasting structures as part of their salt management programs.

These precision-engineered, practical structures are ideal for cost-conscious governments that need to provide quality service and remain within budget.

Unprotected salt piles harm our environment with run-off and groundwater contamination, and tarps are not protective enough to prevent melting, lumpiness and other major issues. Our structures safely house salt, sand and more, insulating them from harsh weather—so the materials are ready to use when you need them.

Every storage solution we provide is designed to your specifications by our in-house staff. Don’t hesitate to tell us how we can help meet your storage needs..