High-Quality Storage Structures

Geodesic domes

Geodesic domes have the perfect shape for salt storage. The round wall enables you to store the maximum amount of salt in the minimum amount of space. Our smallest designed dome has a center height of 25 feet. Our exceptionally high, clear span building makes unloading and loading easy and efficient. Our buildings have been specifically engineered and designed to store salt. All of our building materials have been selected to resist the salt’s highly corrosive properties.

Our dome creates a low-profile look that blends into any environment. The gently sloping roof line presents less visibly, so our dome actually looks small from the outside. It’s a preferred style in urban areas because of its aesthetics.


The STOREMORE, our New England Wing Truss structure, is specially developed for road salt storage, with a leech-proof footing design that eliminates groundwater contamination.

The center aisle is 30 feet tall for easy inside loading and dumping. Adaptable, solid wood construction complements any type of roofing material. And if you need to increase capacity, your STOREMORE can be expanded at any time with wraparound “lean-to” sheltered storage areas. The permanent base wall also makes it easy to add covered storage on any side for vehicles and equipment.

Additional options include leak-proof skylights, overhead or sliding doors, multiple entrances and outside bins for material storage.


Our high-quality fabric domes combine the efficiency of a wood-framed dome with the cost savings of a tensioned fabric structure. The circular design of the dome allows for maximum storage in a minimal amount of space. Our in-house mobile construction crews can install a fabric dome much faster than an ordinary fabric shed.

You’ll find the same degree of craftsmanship in our fabric barns. All of our buildings have been specially engineered and designed to store salt. Hot-dip galvanized steel trusses, along with a 15-year prorated fabric warranty, make for an efficient salt storage structure that will last for years.

With no flat surfaces for wind to crash into, our fabric membranes hold up against the elements better than ordinary hoop sheds. To combat corrosion, all our building components are hot-dip galvanized post-production to ensure a protective, corrosion-proof layer. Simply put, our fabric domes and barns outperform ordinary fabric sheds.